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Relatives as Parents

Relatives As Parents (RAP) is a program designed to assist family members who are raising children other than their own.  The goals of RAP are to provide families with the following services:


  • Support offering a social network for grandparents/relatives raising children under 18
  • Referrals and access to appropriate community-based services and resources
  • Opportunities to learn and provide support to and from families in similar situations
  • Tips for coping with changing family dynamics
  • An understanding of effective ways to negotiate with outside services

Are you…

· A grandparent raising grandchildren?

· An aunt or uncle raising nieces or nephews?

· A sibling raising a brother or sister?

· A cousin raising your cousin’s children?

· Raising a child under 18 not born to you?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, we are here to help!