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Danville Independent Schools

Child Find

Do you know a child with special needs? 


We can help. Many children are born with or may develop disabilities which challenge their normal growth and development, impacting their success in school. Fortunately, many of these conditions can be helped if parents recognize the problem early and seek help. If you suspect your child may have special needs, contact one of the agencies below. Don't hesitate to call their attention to, and/or seek advice about particular behaviors or possible difficulties your child may be experiencing.


Remember, the earlier you recognize your child's special needs and seek help, the greater the possibility that your child can be helped. First Steps and your local school district need to know about all children with challenges, ages birth through 21 in order to plan for their individual needs.

If you have questions about Child Find, or need additional information or assistance, contact:

Amy Robbins
Director of Special Education
Danville Schools
(859) 936-8503

Or you may contact one of the following agencies:

Birth through Age 2

Or, for ages 3-21:               

Kentucky Department of Education        
Office of Special Instructional Services