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Students learn about papel picado.

Click the link below to watch a video featuring presentations at Toliver for Hispanic Heritage Month. 

Hispanic Heritage Month: Toliver students learn about Guatemala and Mexico from a student and staff member

Students got to hear about Spanish-speaking countries in class during Hispanic Heritage Month at Edna L. Toliver Intermediate School. 

In Kristi Sigola's third-grade class, student Marcos Taquira Paz shared what he remembers about living in Guatemala. He talked about going to school there, the food, a couple of animals that live in Guatemala, the flag, and more. He also answered questions from his fellow students. 

Marcos presents about Guatemala to his class

Jasmyne Stewart's class heard about Mexican culture from Jackeline "Jackie" Policarpio, an instructional assistant at Mary G. Hogsett Primary School, because her son is in Stewart's class.
Policarpio's family is from Mexico. She shared information about Mexican food, fashion, and more, and she also talked about some of the history of Hispanic Heritage Month. Not only that, but students also danced along to a Spanish song, tried Mexican candy and tried their hand at making papel picado, a form of Mexican folk art. 

Students make papel picado
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