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Danville Independent Schools

Teaching Art Together Grant

Danville High School and the Danville Schools Visual and Performing Arts programs are pleased to announce a mural project entitled “YOU (the students) are the artists…”. This standards-based project provides students the opportunity to create, present, respond to and connect with public art projects including a mural they create, design, paint and present themselves.

Working with Guest Teaching Artist Brandon Long and their visual arts teachers, Shelly Stinnett and Vickie Hunt, about 100 DHS students will spend around three weeks exploring the full artistic process. They began in mid-January learning about public artwork and the role it plays in communities and will continue with the design and creation process through the second week of February.

The painted mural will be displayed in the lobby facing Proctor Street. Following the mural’s installation, students will reflect on the mural and lead student tours during which they will discuss the role of public art at DHS, their roles in the project and the creative process.

This project is being made possible through a generous donation from retired teacher Margo Goodwin and family, and through the Teaching Arts Together grant, a program of the Kentucky Arts Council, the state arts agency which supports this artist residency with state tax dollars and federal funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.

In the photo, from left: DHS Principal Chad Luhman, Guest Teaching Artist Brandon Long, Director of Arts Education Jane Dewey, Russ Goodwin, Margo Goodwin and Art Teacher Shelly Stinnett.

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