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Spotlight on our female head coaches. Kennedy Walker: Girls Soccer, John W. Bate Middle

Women's History Month feature

The DISD will be sharing some Q&A interviews with female head coaches at John W. Bate Middle School and Danville High School during Women's History Month. Here, we're spotlighting Kennedy Walker. 

Spotlight on our female head coaches. Kennedy Walker: Girls Soccer, John W. Bate Middle

Kennedy Walker is the head girls soccer coach at John W. Bate Middle School. She is also an assistant coach for the Danville High School girls soccer team. The Danville Independent School District asked her some questions about what she loves about working with the middle school team, her experience, and more. 

Tell me a bit about your past experience as a coach, and as an athlete. 

I was born and raised here in Danville and have played sports since I could walk with my older brothers. In high school I played soccer and basketball and did track. I went to college and played a year of soccer but had two severe concussions that left me unable to play. I then was given the opportunity to still be around soccer and help others grow their love for the sport back here in Danville. I have been the assistant coach for the high school and the head middle school coach. 

What's your favorite part about working with the Bate girls soccer team? 

My favorite part is seeing the growth. On our soccer team we do not turn away anyone who wants to play. We want to get everyone involved in as many things as possible in the schools because in Danville, not only is it possible, but also it is needed. So, seeing the growth from week one of practice, where many girls have no clue how to even kick a ball, to the end of the season, where they are playing in the game and have more confidence in the skills they have developed, is so rewarding. 

What about your team makes you most proud? 

There are many things that make me proud every day, but here are two things: one is, again, the growth from the season, and the other is the character of the players we have. We set high expectations for every kid, no exceptions, and they continually meet them, both on and off the field. We genuinely have really good, sweet kids who work hard.

What qualities or values do you hope to instill in your players? 

I hope from me they learn they can do hard things and that hard work is the only way to get success. 


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