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Arts Hall of Fame promotional flyer
Arts Hall of Fame promotional flyer

The Danville Independent Schools Friends of the Arts organization is sponsoring the new Arts Hall of Fame and seeking nominations. 

Nominees can be former Danville Schools students who graduated before 2019, or former teachers, who have excelled in their artistic field. Nominations can be submitted at The form closes at 11:59 p.m. on June 10. 

Director of Arts Education Jane Dewey said the importance of establishing an Arts Hall of Fame is that the district prides itself on the arts along with academics and athletics. Stories of individuals who have thrived in the arts at the Danville Schools and beyond reflect a lasting legacy. 

“These stories tell the story of why the arts is and continues to be one of the foundational elements of the Danville Schools and the Danville Schools makes it a priority for all students,” she said. 

Chair of Friends of the Arts Ann Goodwin graduated from Danville High School in 1994 and remembers the arts being embedded into every class. For example, her English class during her junior year took a Walden Pond-inspired trip to a park, where students were challenged to create art based on the learning material.

“It just felt like you were surrounded by artistic people and artistic opportunities,” Goodwin said. “I felt like it was very much our identity.” 

Today she has children who attend Danville High School, and they have a similar experience as students, with the arts as an integral part of the curriculum and experience in the Danville Schools. 

Dewey emphasized that though there are many graduates who come to mind as having a career in the arts or being nationally-recognized for their artistic endeavors, that’s not a requirement for the nominations for the Arts Hall of Fame. 

“We aren’t just looking for the people who have won national prizes in their area,” she said. “But we are looking for people who are still invested in the arts.” 

Some considerations include what individuals are currently doing in the arts, whether they create art as a vocation or a hobby and if they are a patron of the arts. The emphasis is also on community — for example, whether the nominee lifts up other artists, gives back to an arts field, or contributes in some other way. 

“While we’re celebrating individuals, we’re also celebrating the community culture that just raises this up as an essential piece of the school system,” Dewey said. 

After nominations are set to close on June 10, finalists will be chosen by the selection committee, which is made up of community members who are dedicated to the arts, and a date and time for a ceremony to honor those selected for the Arts Hall of Fame will be announced at a later date. 

The Friends of the Arts organization is open to new members. Interested individuals should contact Jane Dewey at 

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