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Erin Valett

National School Counseling Week

It’s National School Counseling Week, and to celebrate, honor and thank our wonderful school counselors, we’re spotlighting them each day this week! Today, we’re featuring Mary G. Hogsett Primary School Counselor Erin Valett. 

This is Valett’s second year as a school counselor for Danville Independent Schools. She graduated college with a degree in psychology and at first was unsure what direction she wanted to take. 

“When I started working in the school system as an instructional aid, I became close to the school counselor and really learned about the profession,” she said. “I quickly realized that this was the route that I wanted to take.”

She said with the age group she works with, she has noticed laying down a foundation in the early stages of development is extremely important. 

“At the primary level, it is important for students to build these foundation skills to carry into their older years,” she said. “If they can learn about their emotions, make friends, basic skills for school, and be kind and respectful to all, they can benefit as true productive humans of the future.”

She said she loves the community members and faculty she gets to interact with in her role and how friendly and welcoming they are. She stays passionate about counseling when she sees the difference she makes in students’ lives. 

“I love working with kids and spending time with them, and it hurts me to see children at such a young age struggling,” she said. “If I know that I can be a positive influence, then I will try my best to be that.”


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