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The Danville Independent School District served approximately 367,110 meals during the 2022-2023 school year. This number does not include after-school snacks or meals provided through the Summer Feeding Program. 

Food Service Director Tammy Lynn shared the Nutrition & Physical Activity Report Card for the 2022-23 school year with the Board of Education on Monday evening. The report outlines dollar amounts of federal meal reimbursements, USDA reimbursements, meals served, summer feeding program information, and more. The report is now available at

A total of 233,330 lunches were served during the school year, and 133,780 breakfasts. In addition to meals, 25,110 after-school snacks were served. 

The Summer Feeding Program accommodates children in the community ages 18 and under with free meals during non-school days. Lynn said the community is seeing a rising need for this service, and over the summer the DISD food service staff provided this service not only for students in the DISD but also from surrounding school districts and counties, since it is open to all children. 

Through the Summer Feeding Program, the DISD served 26,355 breakfasts and 27,220 lunches at 10 participating locations. 

“It’s a blessing that we have been able to provide that,” said Board Member Steve Becker. 

The number of meals served during the school year was close to the number of meals served the year prior. The number of meals served through the Summer Feeding Program, on the other hand, increased significantly. During the year prior, the Summer Feeding Program served 3,987 breakfasts, 7,592 lunches and 195 suppers. 

“This is such important work you and your team do,” Board Vice Chair Jennifer Pusateri said to Lynn. “I’m really glad that you’re on our team.” 

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