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Danville Independent Schools

Dr. Greg Ross talks to staff and community members during meet and greet

Thursday afternoon, the Danville Independent School District hosted a meet and greet with Dr. Greg Ross, who the Board of Education announced on Wednesday would be the district’s next superintendent. 



The event took place in the lobby of Danville High School. During the event, Ross gave a speech.



Ross prepares to give his speech.

“I’m looking forward to making Danville my home,” he said. “And not only am I looking forward to making it my home — I’m looking forward to growing in excellence with Danville.”

He said he wants to visit classrooms often and attend athletic and arts events as much as he can. He also plans to make a few visits to town before his scheduled start date of July 1. 

“I want to be everywhere,” he said. “I’m looking forward to being part of the Danville way.” 

The event was held in the Danville High School lobby.

“I look forward to us being at the top of every leaderboard … I mean that,” he added. “That’s not something that I’m just going to say and walk away from. This is title town.” 

This comment was met with applause from the crowd in attendance. 

“Our instruction is going to be top-notch,” Ross said. “No parent or student is going to want to leave and go to another district. In fact, many of them are going to want to come to us.” 

Board Chair Steve Becker spoke afterwards and said part of what made Ross stand out was that he’s looking to make Danville his home, not just a stepping stone. 

“We are so pleased he is with us — a very impressive man who has had a fantastic educational career,” Becker said. 

Ross has outlined five main goals for the district: establishing a productive working relationship with the board, learning about current initiatives and achievement within the district, establishing trust and confidence through open and honest communication and positive relationships with stakeholders, ensuring district-wide fiscal and organizational health and establishing supportive and positive district climate and culture to implement the district’s vision.

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