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The Danville Independent School District Board of Education unanimously approved the salary schedule for the 2024-2025 school year, which includes a restructuring of pay for certified employees and an approximate 5% salary increase for classified employees. 

Starting salaries for certified employees have increased from $42,726 to $45,000 for Rank III employees, $45,861 to $49,000 for Rank II employees, and $49,998 to $53,000 for Rank I employees. 

The salary rate of increase based on years of experience will also consistently be 1.25% per year of experience gained. During an employee’s tenure year, the rate of increase will be 2.5%.

Superintendent Ron Ballard said the predictable pay intervals on a year-by-year basis will make it easier for the district to predict how much certified employee salaries will cost the district each year, which will make it easier to focus more on improvements to the classified employee pay scale, as well as ongoing construction and facilities projects. 

Classified employees will also receive an approximate 5% base salary increase, with some groups receiving a larger raise to make their starting pay more comparable to surrounding school districts. These groups include food service staff, instructional assistants, and bus drivers. 

“It’s for recruitment on the front end and retention on the back end,” Ballard said about the new salary schedule.

View the 2024-2025 Salary Schedule

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