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Bate STLP club group photo
Bate STLP club group photo

Congratulations to the John W. Bate Middle School STLP Club for their achievements at the STLP state competition on Wednesday, March 27. 

  • Lailah Batts placed 1st in her category- Logo Design titled "Lavenders and Lilacs"
    • Lailah Batts' logo design
  • Asher Lanigan placed 2nd in his category- Digital Photo titled "Raceday"
    • Asher Lanigan's project
  • The Tango Mangos placed 1st in their category- Minecraft LitCraft Build titled "The Hobbit." This team consists of: Grey Jefferson, Banks Bratcher, Jackson Smith, and Dawson Gover 

All of these students have worked very hard and dedicated a lot of time to their projects. 

Bate Technology Resource Teacher Larry Ebert said, "Overall, I believe the kids had a good time, and they represented JWBMS in a positive way."

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