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Danville Independent Schools

Educators honored by the CKEC

The Danville Independent School District would like to congratulate educators recently recognized by the Central Kentucky Educational Cooperative (CKEC): Debbie Mullaney, Tim Breitenbach and Derek Otto.

The CKEC Deeper Learning Team hosted the Innovative Educator Awards on Friday, May 3, where Danville High School English Teacher Derek Otto was one of 24 Innovative Educators celebrated. 

Superintendent Ron Ballard and Chief Academic Officer Suzanne Farmer were present at the awards celebration to honor Otto's accomplishment. 

Derek Otto is honored with a certificate.

 Superintendent Ron Ballard (far left) and Chief Academics Officer Suzanne Farmer (far right) were at the Innovative Educator Awards event on May 3, where DHS English Teacher Derek Otto was honored.


Each year, CKEC, Special Education Division, invites member districts to nominate a special educator, or multiple special educators, who have made a difference in their district. MSD Teacher Debbie Mullaney and LBD Teacher Tim Breitenbach, both teachers at John W. Bate Middle School, were recognized at the 2023-24 Outstanding Educator Recognition Luncheon on April 26 at Copper Roux in Lexington.

Mullaney has been an MSD teacher for most of her 27 years working in education. She has been working for the DISD for the past two years. Bate Principal Michelle Carver said that Mullaney's "genuine love for teaching radiates in the classroom, infusing each day with an infectious enthusiasm and excitement." 

Breitenbach has spent the last 30 years as a resource teacher at Bate. Carver said about him, "I can think of many situations where Tim has been the calm in the storm."

Debbie Mullaney and Tim Breitenbach receive certificates.

Special Education Director Amy Robbins (far left) was at the luncheon honoring Debbie Mullaney (second from left) and Tim Breitenbach (far right).


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