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Wolfe Kerbaugh
Wolfe Kerbaugh

In July, John W. Bate Middle School student Wolfe Kerbaugh will attend the Junior National Young Leaders Conference at American University in Washington, D.C. This is an academic and career-oriented development experience, according to a press release from WorldStrides. 

The Junior National Young Leaders Conference is an Envision by WorldStrides program that encourages students to develop their interests and learn beyond the classroom, according to the release.

Tara Emerson, a language arts teacher at Bate, is who nominated Wolfe. Wolfe participated in many extracurricular activities this past school year, including tennis, golf, basketball and soccer. He is also involved in the student ministry at his church and makes excellent grades.

“His favorite areas of study are math, social studies and history, which make this nomination even more meaningful,” the release states. “He is excited for social and leadership opportunities, including visits to The National Museum of American History, the Lincoln, Vietnam, and Korean War Veterans Memorials, and George Washington’s Mount Vernon, as well as the opportunity to explore Capitol Hill.”

“I am excited for Wolfe to meet, work, and collaborate with fellow high-aspiring students from other cities and schools,” Dr. Jan Sikorsky, vice president, Education for Envision, said in the release. “The Junior National Young Leaders Conference is a wonderful opportunity for ambitious young students to explore their interests outside the classroom and discover how to innovate and think creatively through hands-on immersive learning. Our students are challenged with real-world simulations and problems, working together to develop unique solutions and projects to bring life to their studies and career interests.”

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