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Maria Luster's Class
Maria Luster's Class

Click the link below to watch a video featuring what John W. Bate Middle School's Spanish Teacher Maria Luster is teaching her students during Hispanic Heritage Month. 

Hispanic Heritage Month: Bate Spanish class learns about artists, Spanish-speaking countries

John W. Bate Middle School's Spanish Teacher, Maria Luster, focused on different lessons for grade levels to recognize Hispanic Heritage Month. In her seventh and eighth-grade classes, she focused on artists and facts about the 21 Spanish-speaking countries of the world, for example. 

Her seventh-grade class completed a lesson using a painting by Mexican artist Diego Rivera. Separating the painting into sections, she gave each student in her small class a section to draw and color on a larger piece of paper. By the end of the lesson, the class will put all of the pieces together to create a complete piece of artwork, with each section done by a different student. 

Her larger eighth-grade class completed worksheets that asked them to focus on a specific Spanish-speaking country. They drew the country's flag, where the country's capital is located on a map, and the country's animal. They also answered questions in Spanish about the countries' climates, places to visit in their assigned country, and so on. 

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