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Admiral Adventure Academy students hold the cans they made for proper battery disposal. 
Admiral Adventure Academy students hold the cans they made for proper battery disposal. 

Admiral Adventure Academy students hold the cans they made for proper battery disposal. 


The Admiral Adventure Academy, an after-school program through the Danville Independent School District, is embarking on a couple of exciting adventures to promote recycling, litter pick-up and other efforts.

Boyle County Environmental Services and Director Angela Muncy are partnering with AAA students and Director Sandy Cain to start a campaign to properly dispose of batteries and keep them out of landfills. 

“Batteries contain heavy metals, acids and other toxic substances that, if not properly disposed of, can leak into the environment and wreak havoc on our surroundings,” Muncy said. 

On March 6, AAA students got to work using reused cans to create collection cans for batteries. 

AAA students work on cans.
AAA students work on cans.

Muncy said collection cans are being strategically placed throughout Boyle County, and people are encouraged to bring batteries to those sites. They’ll be placed at the Boyle County Courthouse in the judge-executive’s office, Danville City Hall, the Boyle County Recycling Center, and other areas. 

“We already recycle cans. We recycle plastics, paper, and everything, but no one thinks about batteries, ink cartridges, things like that,” Muncy said. 

She said she was excited when Cain reached out to her wanting to get AAA involved in environmental projects — it was the perfect opportunity to shed some light on the importance of proper battery disposal and get the kids involved, Muncy said. 

The AAA will be displaying their collection cans at the Boyle County Earth Day festival on April 22. It’s scheduled to take place 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Boyle County Cooperative Extension Office Pavilion.

They will be talking to the public about the importance of proper battery disposal, and how they can get involved. Companies and other groups will learn how they can participate in the AAA’s project. They will receive collection cans, and items placed in the cans will be picked up.

Cain explained that AAA will also be sharing their involvement with the Litterati app at the Earth Day festival. Litterati is an app used to track and analyze where litter is found and other data about litter. AAA students have already begun picking up litter and tracking it with the Litterati app. Cain said their goal is to create a challenge through the app to encourage members of the community to pick up litter as well. 

She said the kids have been excited to see results after picking up litter, and seeing how many pieces of litter they can remove from the environment. 

“We want to at least try to create a challenge so that people in the city can jump on board, or businesses,” Cain said. 

The AAA will also be taking a field trip on March 13 to the recycling center and a few other spots in town. 

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