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Who To Contact

When you have any questions about who to reach out to, you can always contact the school office or your child’s teacher. Here’s a list of some common reasons families reach out to school and the best contact person to help:




Child is sick

Abi Dobson, 238-1313


Abi Dobson, 238-1313

Transportation changes 

Abi Dobson, 238-1313

Need help with clothing, supplies, etc.

Mary Wells, 936-8565

Interested in parenting classes

Mary Wells, 936-8565

Mentoring, volunteering

Mary Wells, 936-8565

Counseling for student

Erin Turner, 936-8562

Preschool screening or enrollment

Pamela Hambrick, 936-8563

Preschool tuition payments

Brittany Broach, 936-8567

Immunizations, medical, medications, etc.

Brenda Mullins, 936-8529

ARC meetings

Amy Hurst, 936-8536

Child’s 504 Plan

Erin Turner, 936-8562

Child’s IEP

Your child’s special education teacher