Goals and Mission Statement





Danville Schools Vision Statement: Our vision is to create a safe environment where students and adults build new knowledge and skills, experience creativity and challenge, and grow as productive individuals and team members.

Danville Schools Mission Statement: Our mission is to engage all students in the pursuit of the Danville Diploma, which encompasses creative learning opportunities that build on individual interests, develop new strengths, and provide ultimately for college and career success. As a District of Innovation, we look for new and meaningful ways students can learn by doing, show what they know, and contribute to the community and wider world.

Danville Schools District Goals:
POWERFUL LEARNING EXPERIENCES: Every Danville student will consistently experience classroom work and activities that are meaningful, engaging, and relevant, connecting to students’ interests and/or previous knowledge.

GLOBAL PREPAREDNESS: Every Danville student will be immersed each day in learning opportunities intentionally designed to develop skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, data analysis, and world language acquisition, enabling them to compete globally.

GROWTH FOR ALL: Every Danville student, regardless of starting point, will achieve at least one year of academic progress in reading and mathematics each school year.

EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNICATION: Every Danville student will be provided regular and multiple opportunities to demonstrate learning through verbal and written communications, visual and performing arts, and the use of multiple forms of technology.

AN INFORMED & INVOLVED COMMUNITY: The Danville Schools will establish effective two-way communication, in various forms, with all stakeholders in the community.