Board of Education

What we do:

Our board members are committed to being good stewards of the district's resources.  They put the needs of students first and help all succeed.  Board members are elected to four-year terms.  They determine district-wide policies, priorities, direction and spending.
To reach all Board Members, you can email:

Board Member
Term Began
Term Ends
Dr. Tammy McDonald (Superintendent) 
Address:  152 E. Martin Luther King Blvd.
July 2018
Glenn Ball
Address:  346 Swope Dr
Phone:  407-376-9801
January 2019 December 2022 
Steve Becker (Chair)
Address:  235 Maple Ave.
Phone:  236-1896
January 2015
December 2022
Lori Finke
Address: 840 W Lexington Ave
January 2017
December 2020
Troy McCowan (Vice Chair)
Address:  301 N Hill N Dale
Phone:  209-2516
January 2017
December 2020
Paul Smiley
Address:  150 Saint Mildreds Ct
Phone:  859-319-8790
January 2019
December 2022