KINDERGARTEN (BRIGANCE Kindergarten Screener)
Kentucky's Common Kindergarten Entry Screener, the BRIGANCE Early Childhood Kindergarten Screen III, provides a quick and accurate assessment of a child's development in five areas: Academic/Cognitive, Language, Development, Physical Development, Self-Help and Social-Emotional Development.

The K-Screener captures the readiness level of new, incoming kindergarten students. The K-Screener data do not reflect a school’s kindergarten program, but provide a snapshot of what students know and are able to do upon arrival to the program. In Kentucky, there are two required components of the K-Screener: 1) Core Assessment; and 2) Self-help and Social/Emotional Scales.

The Common Kindergarten Entry Screener (704 KAR 5:070)​ is aligned with Kentucky's School Readiness Definition and the Kentucky Early Childhood Standards​.​​​​​​​​​ (KDE Website)

FALL, 2017 Data Results.pdf