State Release of Assessment Results

In Kentucky, all public schools are required to participate in the new accountability model: Unbridled Learning: College/Career Readiness for All which replaced the Commonwealth Accountability Testing System(CATS). In this model, students take the Kentucky Performance for Educational Rating Progress (K-PREP) assessments which measures student learning in grades 3-8 in reading, math, science, social studies and writing, and to grades 10-11 for on-demand writing. Older students also take end-of-course exams and juniors will take the ACT. The K-PREP tests will be administered in a five day consecutive window the last fourteen days of the school year.

Assessment and accountability
The Unbridled Learning model holds districts accountable for five primary areas, and schools each receive a score between 0 and 100 based on these measurements:

   Achievement-based on student scores on state tests;
   Gap-based on the scores of students who qualify for free or reduced lunch,
   receive special education services, are learning English as a second language or whose race is
   identified as African-American, Hispanic or Native American;
   Growth-compares individual student performance from year to year;
   College/Career Readiness-based on college readiness exams, career aptitude tests and
   the number of students who earn technical certificates;
   Graduation Rate-based on the number of students who graduate within 4 years.

State Assessment: District and School Report Card

School Board Presentation Fall 2017

2017 K-PREP Testing Format Items and Times 2016_11_02.pdf