Alumni Feature_David Stroup Class of '05
Alumni Feature: David Stroup (Class of '05)
Posted on 06/19/2015
Stroup takes a moment to capture his Three Gorges River Cruise in October 2010 on his first trip to China.

Ten years ago this May, David Stroup walked the stage with a newly-earned diploma from the Danville Schools. Now a decade later, Stroup is the recipient of the highly competitive Fulbright Scholarship, which will fund a 10-month research project in Asia. 

The Fulbright is awarded to only 1,600 students nationally for funding work that increases cultural understanding. Stroup will spend his time conducting interviews and observations that will fuel a report on urban renewal processes in China, particularly with minority communities.

Stroup says although he knew he wanted to take an academic route, he wasn’t sure what he would end up pursuing. After graduating from DHS, Stroup attended Davidson College, where he majored in Political Science.

“Honestly, a large part of why I’m doing this work is because I had a really great political science professor at Davidson, and that helped me find what I’m passionate about,” Stroup said.

After graduating from Davidson in ’09, he spent 18 months teaching English in East China to develop cultural fluency before graduate school. He is now in his fourth year of the Ph.D. program in political science at the University of Oklahoma.

“I’ve finished all coursework, so now I’m at the dissertation stage. This trip to China will provide the information I need to do that,” Stroup said.

At the end of his education, Stroup said he hopes to find a professorship at a college or university, helping other students learn about the world and find their career muse.

“Don’t worry if you don’t know the exact path,” Stroup said. “Sample widely; try things you never thought were going to be your thing.”