Assessment Plan
The Assessment Plan for the Danville Schools is a listing of all assessments including a description of the assessments, the purpose of it, and the grade level the students will be taking the assessments. Some assessments are state mandated and others are a local decision.

In Kentucky, all public schools are required to participate in the new accountability model: Unbridled Learning: College/Career Readiness for All which replaced the Commonwealth Accountability Testing System(CATS). In this model, students take the Kentucky Performance for Educational Rating Progress (K-PREP) assessments which measures student learning in grades 3-8 in reading, math, science, social studies and writing, and to grades 10-11 for on-demand writing. Older students also take end-of-course exams and other tests such as EXPLORE, PLAN, and the ACT (EPAS group).

Kentucky tests students on various subjects beginning in grade 3. See a list of the mandatory testsat each grade level, as well as the tests which are administered to select students.

The next page contains a listing of assessments given in the Danville Schools.