Danville High School
In Kentucky, all public schools are required to participate in the new accountability model: Unbridled Learning: College/Career Readiness for All. In this model, students take the Kentucky Performance for Educational Rating Progress (K-PREP) assessments which measures student learning in grades 11 for on-demand writing. Also students take ACT's QualityCore end-of-course exams at the completion of US History, English II, Biology I and Algebra II. In addition, 11th grade students will take the ACT assessment in the spring.

Arts. practical living and writing portfolio assessments are no longer part of the student assessment. Those areas will be assessed through program reviews. Students with severe cognitive learning disabilities take the Alternate K-PREP tests. The K-PREP tests will be administered in a five day consecutive window the last fourteen days of the school year.

In addition, Limited English Students, those students whose primary language is not English, take the W-APT as a language placement test when they first arrive in Kentucky schools. Annually, the ACCESS test is administrated as a achievement test each year they are in the LEP program. The ACCESS test is administrated January through February.

State Assessment: District and School Report Card