Common Educational Acronyms Defined

& S


ACT - American College Testing

ADA - Average Daily Attendance

ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act

ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder

ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

AE - Academic Expectations

AMO - Annual Measurable Objectives

ARC - Admissions & Release Committee

ASCD - Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

AT - Attainment Task for Alternate Assessment Students

AUP - Acceptable Use Policy

AYP - Adequate Yearly Progress



BAC - Building Assessment Coordinator

BG-1 - A Buildings and Grounds form to begin initial process to do new construction /

renovation project

BG-2 - A form used to describe the work intended during a new construction /

renovation project

BG-3 - A form that lists probable costs broken down by sub-groups for a new

construction/renovation project

BG-4 - A form that states the new construction / renovation is complete with the final

costs listed



CATS - Commonwealth Accountability Testing System

CCA - Core Content for Assessment

CDIP - Comprehensive District Improvement Plan

CERS - Classified Employee Retirement System

CIO - Chief Information Officer

CPE - Council on Post-Secondary Education

CSIP- Comprehensive School Improvement Plan



DAC - District Assessment Coordinator

DD - Developmental Delay

DFP - District Facility Plan

DOK - Depth of Knowledge

DWOK - Different Ways of Knowing



EILA - Educational Instructional Leadership Act

ELL - English Language Learner

EPAS - Educational Planning & Assessment System- Made up of college prep tests,

Explore, Plan, ACT, etc.

EPSB - Education Professional Standards Board

ESL - English as a Second Language

ESS - Extended School Services

EVAAS--Education Value-Added Assessment System



FAPE - Free, Appropriate Public Education

FRYSC - Family Resource and Youth Service Centers



GED - General Education Development

GT - Gifted and Talented





IC - Infinite Campus

IEP - Individual Education Plan

IGP - Individual Growth Plan

ILP - Individual Learning Plan

ISTE - International Society for Technology in Education




KAAC - Kentucky Association of Assessment Coordinators

KASA - Kentucky Association of School Administrators

KASBO - Kentucky Association of School Business Officials

KASC - Kentucky Association of School Councils

KCCT - Kentucky Core Content Test

KDE - Kentucky Department of Education

KEA - Kentucky Education Association

KEN - Kentucky Educational Network

KET - Kentucky Educational Television

KETS - Kentucky Educational Technology System

KPR - Kentucky Performance Report

KRS - Kentucky Retirement Systems

KSIS - Kentucky Student Information System

KTIP - Kentucky Teacher Internship Program

KTLC - Kentucky Teaching and Learning Conference

KTRS - Kentucky Teacher Retirement System

KYAE - Kentucky Adult Education

KYSTE - Kentucky Society of Technology in Education

KYTESOL - Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

KYVAE - Kentucky Virtual Adult Education



LBD - Learning Behavior Disorder

LD - Learning Disorder

LEA - Local Education Agency

LEAD - Local Educator Assignment Data

LEP - Limited English Proficiency

LPC - Local Planning Committee for the Facility Plan

LRE - Least Restrictive Environment



MD - Multiple Disabilities

MMD - Mild Mental Delay



N, A, P, D - Novice, Apprentice, Proficient, Distinguished

NAEP - National Assessment of Educational Progress

NCLB - No Child Left Behind

NEA - National Education Association

NP - National Percentile

NRT - Norm Reference Test



OAA - Office of Assessment & Accountability



PD - Professional Development

PDD - Persuasive Developmental Delay (autism)


PGP - Professional Growth Plan

POS - Program of Studies for Kentucky Schools



QC - Quality Control



RF - Referral Form

RTI - Response to Intervention



SBDM - School-Based Decision Making

SFCC - School Facilities Construction Commission

SFP - School Facility Plan

SIS - Student Information System

SSI - Social Security Insurance

STAR - Standardized Testing and Reporting

STC - School Technology Coordinator

STI - Software Technology Incorporated

STLP - Student Technology Leadership Program



TABE - Tests of Adult Basic Education

TAR - Transition Attainment Record



URL - Uniform Resource Locator

USB - Universal Serial Bus




WWW - World Wide Web



YSC - Youth Service Center