Danville is Marshall Strong
Danville is #MarshallStrong
Posted on 01/31/2018
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This past week our hearts have been in Marshall County. The Danville Schools united in support of Marshall County High School. Starting Monday students and staff wrote personal notes. Danville High School students and faculty signed a #MarshallStrong banner.

Today the banner, personal notes and a few gifts were sent as part of a care package to Marshall County High School. Students and staff wore blue and orange to stand with Marshall County High School. Click here to see a photo gallery of students in blue and orange.

Below is a message from Superintendent Look that accompanied our care package:

Dear Marshall County High School family:

There are few who know your pain and experience. Often those on the outside struggle to cope with their own grief, question their responsibility and awareness, and rely on a conveyance of hope to be a surging force that calms the waters of tragedy. The Danville Schools family is no different. We have no answers; events of this nature are bigger than all of us. Yet all of us, together, are mightier as a whole. Together, 2 + 2 can equal 5.

We offer our shoulders to lean, cry, or stand on.

Someday, somehow, somewhere, good will arise. Undoubtedly, such a claim seems far-fetched and detached. The mountain of emotional rubble may swallow even the most healed climber, but climbing is the only option. Steps upward will be met with slides backward; ropes will fray; rations may run low – but keep climbing. Know that as you reach forward Danville Schools offers an outstretched hand, and as you aim for the next plateau, Danville Schools will lift you when you are ready.

We offer our arms to pull you up, push you on, or wrap around you.

The trouble with offers is that they are dormant without a request. Miles between us can make offers seem hollow. Realistically, we know requests may not reach us in time. Still, we keep our ears pressed to the ground, our eyes focused on the sky, and our love ever radiating.

Enclosed are names and words and cards and signs. They are not gifts, nor are they a finite care package for neither will fix that which is broken. Rather, they are symbols – symbols of our commitment to the message of this letter and outpouring of acts in your honor across this state and nation. Healing will come. We will help. All of us are with you.

We lift as we climb,
Keith Look, Ed.D.