Message from Superintendent: Veterans Day
Veterans Day Message from Superintendent Look
Posted on 11/10/2017
This is the image for the news article titled Veterans Day Message from Superintendent LookDear Families of the Danville Schools:

I did not know what to expect standing in the airport awaiting the return of the 2017 Kentucky Honor Flight. Like the service and contributions of our veterans, what I learned will last longer than my lifetime.

A crowd gathered long before the plane landed. Like at a class reunion, pictures of loved ones taken before their tours of duty were shared. Images of soldiers who never returned from their tours were honored with solemn gratitude. It was like a family reunion had formed among what was seconds prior a group of strangers. Pageantry emerged with flags, musical instruments, tribal customs, and costumes. With no single acceptable way to say “thank you” to those who fought for our freedom, the audience implicitly committed itself to showing thanks in every way possible.

When the veterans arrived the crowd greeted them like groupies cheering their favorite band or basketball fans congratulating the players fresh off of a national championship victory. Yet, unlike fans for a band or team, just beneath the smiles among the crowd were signs of pain and struggle. They too showed wounds and scars but of a very different sort. Family and friends, in their own way, are also part a regimen facing tests of faith and relation during a soldier's tour and in the re-acclimation upon the return home.

Young children could not understand exactly what they were witnessing. But, this will be an event in their memory that grows with time. War is not anonymous; it is not without casualty. And as the veterans talked, it was clear that the meaning of war evolves as the history created in its aftermath is lived, interpreted, and connected to people, places, and events across space and time. This will be no more true than in the minds of those children as they become adults, including my own.

The Danville Schools is proud of its veterans, be they staff, alumni, members of our students’ families, or residents in our community.  This week our schools organized meals and ceremonies of tribute to give thanks for those who secure the freedom we have to become who we are and who we will be. We hope you enjoy this photo album of our students and their guests of honor.

We lift as we climb,
Keith Look, Ed. D.