Danville High School Receives Grant for Arts Education
The Danville Schools is pleased to announce Danville High School has received a $196 grant from the Louise Wilkinson Art Project Fund. The grant will support art instruction at Danville High School.

Through this grant the 116 students enrolled in an art class at Danville High School will explore pour painting techniques. Each student will collaborate with community members and organizations to create at least one work of art. Students will express their creativity and originality by pouring acrylic and latex paints over primed canvas. Through this art project students will learn how to alter the densities of the paint to float colors on top of one another.

Artwork will be displayed throughout the high school and the Danville community.

The Arts Commission of Danville and Boyle County, in accordance with the wishes of the Wilderness Trace Art League, administers the Louise Wilkinson grant program.

Danville students celebrate grant.

(Left to Right), Danville Schools Superintendent Dr. Keith Look, Danville High School Principal Haley Ralston, Art Teacher Shelly Stinnett, Director of Arts Education Jane Dewey and Danville High School students celebrate the grant.