Results: 6th Grade Showcase
Bate Middle School 6th Graders Win Area Showcase
Posted on 12/06/2015
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Bate Middle School 6th graders took home the Showcase championship Saturday against 5 other area schools! Students competed in various academic challenges, both individually and as teams.

Arts/Humanities: Ben Haskett – 1st place; Abigail Anderson – 2nd place;

Composition: Isabella Joseph– 6th place

Language Arts: Abigail Anderson – 2nd place; Naomi Israel – 6th place

Mathematics: Luke Gaffney – 1st place; Hayes Arnold - 4th place; Natalie Fieberg – 5th place

Science: Luke Gaffney – 1st place; Corbin Knight – 4th place

Social Studies: Ben Haskett – 1st place; Naomi Israel -3rd place

Quick Recall: Bate Middle School Team – 1st place (Abigail Anderson - Captain, Luke Gaffney, Ben Haskett, Natalie Fieberg, Naomi Israel, Corbin Knight, and Evan Hutchinson)

Showcase Champions– Bate Middle School (Danville Independent Schools) – 71 points
2nd place – West Jessamine Middle (Jessamine County Schools) – 34 points
3rd place  – Boyle County Middle (Boyle County Schools) – 27.5 points
4th place  – East Jessamine Middle (Jessamine County Schools) – 25 points
5th place  – Garrard Middle (Garrard County Schools) – 12.5 points
6th place  – Lincoln County Middle (Lincoln County Schools) – 4 points